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Bongo Gram

He arrives with his bongos
- a jungle beat
Issuing a challenge your victim must meet

The Guest of Honour must defeat
King Kong and rescue Jane
To enter into the
"Chimps Hall of Fame".

The Guests help make
"Jungle Fever Party Potion"
With musical instruments,
cha cha & the Locomotion

As the victor drinks the
potion the effects begin
To unleash the
party animal within.

To the beat of the Bongos
a song is sung
Infecting jungle party
fever in everyone.

The wildest, interactive telegram service. A must for a Home Party or Office Party/Event.
The King Kong is African Accented to add to the authenticity and also has an internal microphone
and amplifier for that larger than life effect!!!!!


King Kong with Song
Balloon: Foil
Gift: Gorilla
Are they up to the Challenges?

Original King Kong
Balloon: Foil
Gift: Gorilla
For the Really Wild One's!

Singing Gorilla Gram
with real Bananas

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1. Jungle Fever Party Potion is non-alcoholic.
2. Jane is a Barbie Style Doll whose name can be changed to someone elses.
3. Jane doll can be changed to a Male doll for female recipients.


To Stephen
Well Done and Thanks
Gold Logie Award Winner
Lisa McCune
from the Channel 7 programme
Blue Heelers

That was fantastic mate
P. Sinclair
After performance at
his Brothers Birthday
2 hour span = No extra charge from package selected
1 hour span = $22 extra
1/2 hour span = $33 extra
Exact time = $55 extra.

For Bookings or Package Details Please Call Us on 9736 3400

PO Box 555

Telphone: (61 2) 9736 3400
Facsimile: (61 2) 8765 1211

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