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Who's the Nerd at your Party? --->more?
If you can imagine combining Mr Bean and Austin Powers together this will give you a pretty good picture of Eugene from Nerd-a-Gram. EUGENE, Is a very Retro character and quite stylish too!
His purpose of being is that he pretends to know the guest of honour (your victim) from a place they hang out at or are familiar with.
So that when he arrives at the party/venue he will call the recipient from a distance away by their first and surname, and this is only where the fun starts!  This RETRO guy is in style!

* Indicate the "Nerd-a-Gram Singing Telegram" Package you want by selecting package 1 or 2.
Then complete the details directly below the chosen package:
Original Nerd Singing Telegram
Nerd Character Courier
Nerd - Corporate or Functions
 "The Memories last Forever...." "SHORT, SWEET & SLIGHTLY OFF-BEAT!" "Tell us what you want?"
Included in this package is:

The Nerd Singing Telegram
(arrives for the recipient with choreographed little skit on how he knows them)

A Personalised Poem 

presented on a coloured scroll

Free Bouquet of 6 Helium Balloons -When Available
Nerd Glasses

(with their name imprinted in Gold)
Ball'n'Chain (For Hen's/Girls Night Only replaces Glasses)
The Official Nerd Certificate
Your Personal Message Card
Party Treats

Chose one (1) Gift from the following:

Autograph Bear
Teddy Bear

Chose one (1) poem option:

A uniquely created Original Poem $65 
No Thank you

Would you like additional gifts or services added to your package?

Included in this package is:

The Nerd Character Courier
(arrives to deliver a song and a message)

Sings a Song appropriate for the occasion

Reads your Message Card aloud!

Stuff to ADD for more Pizzazz 

Helium Filled Balloons
Autograph Bear
Nerd Glasses
Teddy Bear
Love Cuffs
Ball 'n' Chain

-->View Gift Pics
For ONLY an extra $35 each add any of the above gifts to this Elvis Character Courier Package

EXTRA SONGS  are $15 each

Chose one (1) poem option:

A uniquely created Original Poem  $90
No Thank you

NoteFriday 5pm to Monday 8am incurs a $15 fee

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Select an Event type 
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  Extra Details:
(Please Supply us with a story on "HOW" Eugene (Nerd-a-Gram) would really know the Recipient! Please supply us with REAL NAMES, REAL TIME FRAMES etc...and any other information which may be useful to the performer)
Note:  NOT ORIGINAL POEM INFO - please email information for poem to POET)
  For Hen's OR Buck's Nights Only
  FiancĂ©'s First Name  Wedding Date


**Terms & Conditions may apply depending on delivery situation  ***All prices quoted are approximate and are subject to change.
A non-refundable deposit of $95.00 is required with each booking.

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