They won't believe their eyes
When a Singing Gorilla Gram arrives

When delivering your personal telegram
he'll make a song and dance of it
It's sure to grab everyone's attention with a short but not too sweet performance for
a wild impact!

Not for the faint hearted!

Gorilla Gram Outline

Singing Gorilla Gram bursts into the scene
To lay your victims quirks clean

Everyone can join in to sing a song
As your victim apes about to play along

After the embarrassment has come to an end
The Gorilla will read out the message you want to send

Bongo Gram Outline

He arrives with his bongos - a jungle beat
Issuing a challenge your victim must meet

The Guest of Honour must defeat King Kong and rescue Jane to enter into the 
"Chimps Hall of Fame".

The Guests help make 
"Jungle Fever Party Potion" 
With musical instruments, cha cha & the Locomotion 

As the victor drinks the potion - the effects begin to unleash the party animal within.

To the beat of the Bongos, a song is sung
Infecting jungle party fever in everyone.

Gorilla and Bongo Gram Packages

GORILLA Singing Telegram
Package 1 includes:

The Big Black Hairy African Accented Singing Gorilla Gram entering the venue to a unique Traditional Singing Telegram Song

A hand of Real Bananas or a cute Mini Me Gorilla

A Large Balloon Bouquet of Helium Filled Latex Balloons or 1 Foil Message Balloon

The Gorilla sings the appropriate occasion song

Gorilla Challenges
To see if they are up to all the challenges that now lay ahead in life which leads into a WiLd ThInG Chorus

Your Personal Message Card
Will be hidden inside one of the Balloons!
(Up to 70 words max only)

Party Treats for the Guests

Add an Original Choreographed script/poem
Uniquely created for the recipient, Company & staff  or Event,
laying all their quirks bare! written by our in-house poet.  Presented on a traditional coloured scroll - A Highly recommended option

And Wild Fun

Let's Go Bananas..."

GORILLA Character Courier
Package 2 includes:

The Wild Gorilla Gram
(arrives for the recipient)

Sings a Song in his African Caricature accent  appropriate for the occasion  

Reads your Personal Message Card out aloud
(Up to 70 words max only)

This Package is


ADD -ON'S to go wild with

  • Helium Filled Balloons

  • Love Cuffs

  • Gorilla

  • Ball 'n' Chain
    For ONLY an extra $35 each add any of the above gifts to this Gorilla Character Courier Package

  • Extra Songs are $15 each

  • Original Choreographed script/poem
    Uniquely created for the recipient, Company & staff  or Event, laying all their quirks bare! written by our in-house poet.  Presented on a traditional coloured scroll - A Highly recommended option

  • N.B. Friday 5pm to Monday 8am incurs a $15 fee.

Bongo Gram
Package 3 includes:

The wildest, interactive telegram service .A must for a Home Party or Office Party/Event.

King Kong is African Caricature Accented to add to the authenticity and also has an internal microphone and amplifier for that larger than life effect!! GRRROOAAAARR

The Big Black Hairy African Accented King Kong enters the venue playing a Bongo Gram Song on his Bongos

Original Choreographed script/poem
Uniquely created for the recipient Laying all their quirks bare! (Optional)

Issuing Challenges you Victim must meet which leads into a WiLd ThInG Chorus

Jane Plastic Doll 
Jane is a Barbie Style Doll whose name can be changed to someone else's.

Helium filled 18" Foil Message Balloon

"ChiMps HaLL of FaMe!" tm Certificate

Jungle Fever Party Potion tm - is non-alcoholic

Singing & Dancing - with genuine African Instruments

Your Personal Telegram or Limerick Message Card Will be hidden inside one of the Balloons!

Party Treats for the Guests

Lots of Fun and Audience interaction

Let the Challenges Begin?



Is your private Birthday, Anniversary, Just Because, I Love you, Wedding Day or any special occasion happening in more than a few days time?

Then take advantage of the Internet Super Special Deal just visit the exclusive Gorilla Gram site for more details at Gorilla Gram.com.au

Gorilla Gram Testimonials

-----Original Message-----
From: jan m**** 
Wednesday, 2 December 2009 3:23 PM
Subject: RE: confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your Gorilla booking for 28/11/2009 for Melissa's Hen's Night

Hi Bernadette
Just wanted to say thank you. The Gorilla that came on Saturday night was fabulous. Everyone loved him especially Melissa.
I have already told all my friends about him and given them your number for when they want one. Please pass on my many thanks to Jamal for making Melissa's night he did a fantastic job.
Regards Jan. 

From: christine 
Sent: Tuesday, 10 June 2008 9:32 PM
To: info@singingtelegrams.com.au 
Subject: FW: Booking for singingtelegrams.com.au

Hi Bernadette,
Just a note to thank you for the performance by 'JAMAL' on Saturday 7th June 2008 for my friend Kathy at ***********, Chester Hill.  He was really well received and everyone kept talking about it for ages afterwards.  Just a shame he couldn't go longer but anyway was a fun thing.
Hope to use your services in the future again one day.

Hi Singing Telegrams and Gorilla,
Thanks a mill for doing such a great job last night at late notice. I really appreciate it. Marie loved it and she called me up straight away and was thrilled to bits. She showed me the poem which I thought was really great. You are very clever. I only wish the people at the restaurant were as nice as you guys.

Thanks a mill again for everything,

Hi Bernadette,
Shawn really liked the gorilla. I was hoping to embarrass him but he thought it was sweet instead. Next year we will have to work together to make it even better than the terrific one this year.

Thanks Again - Sheryl

Just wanted to drop a quick thankyou, your gorilla gram was received very well and apparently was extremely funny. Kylie said that it was the best Valentine's present she had ever received. You run a great service and I will be sure to use you again. 


Hello Gorilla Gram!!

How are you doing?
I just wanted to say thank you so much for surprising, singing, dancing and bringing joy to me last Thursday! I was stressed from many exams, family crisis and
I needed something that fun! I loved it sooooo much!


I really appreciate what singing telegrams do, and hope you give joyful surprises to many many more people!!

I would love it if you can send me the pictures, would you?


P.S. hehe I'm so sorry I ran away with your camera! I can be very crazy at times....

From: Ian 
To: Bernadette 
Saturday, December 16, 2006 6:05 PM
Subject: Re: Lindsay 16th December- Gorilla Birthday Chorus Order
Hi Bernadette
Thank you very much indeed. Our daughter was delighted with your gorilla and mightily amused by the whole performance.
Thank you very much for letting us try to make her birthday a little special when she is so far away.
Kind regards

Thank you for the splendid pictures of Lindsay with your extremely handsome and very jolly gorilla.


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