Who's the NeRd at your party?

If you can imagine combining Mr Bean and Austin Powers together this will give you a pretty good picture of Eugene from Nerd-a-Gram.

EUGENE, Is a very Retro character and quite stylish too!

His purpose of being is that he pretends to know the guest of honour (your victim) from a place they hang out at or are familiar with.

So that when he arrives at the party/venue he will call the recipient from a distance away by their first and surname, and this is only where the fun starts!
This RETRO guy is in style!

Melbourne & Sydney
0415 836 877

Nerd A Gram Outline

EUGENE, arrives a your designated party and pretends to know the guest of honour (your victim) from a place they hang out at or are familiar with.

After a few jokes and giggles based on the information you would have provided us with he hands out party treats to get everyone into the party mood. 
In each performance EuGEne will:
* Read a poem, * Sing a Telegram
* And Delivers Gifts and Balloons
He dresses them up with NeRd GLaSSes too 
(Ball and Chain if Hen's Night)

By the end of each NeRd Telegram the Guest of honour is inducted into the "Only Official Nerd Club" to commemorate this special occasion with a certificate.

Nerd A Gram Packages

Package 1 includes:

Eugene the Nerd-A-Gram

(and his choreographed little skit on how he knows the recipient)

Personalised or Original Poem on a Coloured Scroll  

Gift of your choice from one of Autograph Bear, Champagne, Port, Love Cuffs, Bear or Gorilla.

Large Bouquet of Helium Filled Balloons

Party Treats

Props to dress up the Guest
(Nerd Glasses for all occasions or Ball and Chain for Hen's/Buck's Nights)

The Official Nerd Certificate

Your Personal Message Card

Who's the Nerd at your Party?


Package 2 includes:

Eugene the Nerd-A-Gram

(arrives for the recipient)

Sings a Song in his off-key voice appropriate for the occasion  

Reads your Personal Message Card
out aloud

This Package is


Stuff to ADD for more Pizzazz

  • Helium Filled Balloons

  • Autograph Bear

  • Champagne

  • Port

  • Chocolates

  • Love Cuffs

  • Bear

  • Gorilla

  • Nerd Glasses

    For ONLY an extra $35 each add any of the above gifts to this Nerd Character Courier Package

  • Extra Songs are $15 each

  • Add an Original Choreographed script/poem
    Uniquely created for the recipient, Company & staff  or Event, laying all their quirks bare! written by our in-house poet.  Presented on a traditional coloured scroll - A Highly recommended option

  • N.B. Friday 5pm to Monday 8am incurs a $15 fee.

    "The Memories last Forever...."

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Nerd-A-Gram Testimonials

-----Original Message-----
From: Elaine 
Sent: Wednesday, 2 December 2009 12:36 PM
To: Singing Telegrams
Subject: Nerd a gram

Hi Bernadette,
I would like you very much for "The Nerd a gram" you provided for my daughter Nicole's birthday afternoon tea  last Sunday 29th Nov 2009. Eugene did a very professional performance of a Nerd.

Nicole was certainly surprised and found the whole thing very funny, as did all the guests..

I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to family and friends.

I would also like to thank you for all your assistance you gave me when I was booking the gram.

Elaine Simmonds

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter M*****n 
Subject: RE: Nerd-A-Gram 

Thanks "Eugene", the girls were completely surprised & shocked and were laughing about it all night. You pulled off the plot very well -- by all reports a great performance that even had onlookers cacking themselves. The girls worked out it was me, and said they're going to wreak revenge! But I'm already a nerd, so what could they do? Bye & thanks again, Peter M

-----Original Message-----
From: Amelia F***** 
To: nerd@singingtelegrams.com.au 
Subject: Thanks!!

 Hi Bernadette,

Just wanted to thank you and Eugene, he was fantastic. We had such a great time, we all thought he was hilarious. Will send you some photos soon.

Thanks, Amelia

Hi Bernadette!

I just wanted to tell you that EUGENE was an ABSOLUTE HIT!!!!

Thank you so much for all your help
J J 

Everyone, including the hen, was completely surprised and loved every minute of him being there!

Your company will come highly recommended from me for any occasion.

Thank you over and over again!!!


Account Coordinator
Sent: Monday, 23 June 2008 9:26 AM
Subject: RE:
**** Hens Night

News Limited Community Newspapers

Level 1, ****** Street, North Sydney
Direct  02 ******** |  Fax  02

Email *****@cng.newsltd.com.au

I would like to thank you very much for your effort and great service in the delivery of the "Party Nerd" done at North Sydney. 

This was received well and done with full professionalism, well as much professionalism that can be done when one is being a Nerd. 

I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone else.

Prior to phoning you I had already phoned 3 agencies delivering Telegrams. I found your organization very helpful and you gave me all the information I was requiring which is why I decided to go with you in the first place. I am glad I did. It lived up to all the expectations and more!

Thank you Again
Yours Faithfully,

Dear Steve,
Many thanks for the superb Nerd-A-Gram. Eugene is a complete Dork!

Wild Fire Publishing

I booked a nerd-a-gram, for my friends 21st on December 16.  Eugene was a clown.  Our mission for the night was to embarrass here like hell and it was accomplished.  So thank you to Eugene and to the team that organises all of these telegrams.  I wish you a merry xmas and an even better new year.  I’ll be more than happy to recommend your company to many people.

Regards, Sandra  

I just thought I would drop you a line regarding my daughter’s 21st party on Saturday night.

From the moment I bumped into Eugene I knew everyone, including me would be laughing so hard their sides would split.  Just meeting him in his get-up of that pale blue ‘safari type’ suit, red suitcase and thick black glasses just made me want to roll around on the floor with laughter right away.  I must admit I did not know what to expect when I booked the Nerd-a-Gram six months ago as this was the first time I had done this sort of thing, but I sure got my money’s worth and definitely heaps more from Eugene ’s wonderfully hilarious performance.  (He actually walked right past my unsuspecting daughter who was standing outside the front door with some of her friends.  Fortunately, she was having such a good time that she only said “who’s that” and kept on talking to her friends) .

Nerd-A-Gram's Eugene at JackieO's (Hot30.com & Popstars 1 & 2) Birthday at the Studio's of 2DayFM - 31st Jan

Nerd-A-Gram for Birthdays 

Nerd-A-Gram for Birthdays & Parties

Nerd-A-Gram perfect for Workplace Birthdays

Nerd-A-Gram popular for 30th

Nerd-A-Gram to add a little fun at Corporate Events & Functions

Nerd Glasses
for only $5.50 per guest you'll
really get them into the swing
of things to make this party the grooviest ever. Oh yeah!
(after the 1st @ $35)


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