Bookings can initially be made by completing & submitting the online booking form or by telephoning 0415 836 877 (Sydney OR Melbourne) to check availability of your character choice, day & time.
Bookings can be made up to 6 months in advance of delivery date.

Corporate Bookings
All of our telegram services may be booked for Corporate Events, Functions, Product Launches, Seminars, Incentives, Team Building etc.. and are customized to suit the event with a 30% premium to the prices listed in this Unique Gift Guide. For Characters/Costumes other than those listed please phone our bookings line.

Securing your Booking
A minimum of the $95 or $150 (with Original poem packages & Impersonators)
A Non-Refundable deposit must be paid to reserve your booking. When booking your telegram it could either be placed as a: Fully Confirmed Booking or a Tentative Booking.
A Fully Confirmed Booking is one that has been made with Full Payment or the Deposit paid.
A Tentative Booking is a booking that has been placed in good faith in lieu of Full payment or the Deposit being received by our office. Usually this is within 48 hours.
Important: If payment is not received or contact has not been made to our office your position may be booked by someone else.

Late Bookings
Bookings made with short notice is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Bookings with less than 24 hours notice will incur an additional late fee of $50.

In the event of cancellation up to 48 hours prior to delivery, all the monies will be refunded with the exception of the the Non- Refundable deposit.
If less than 48 & upto 24 hours notification then 50% of the Total order is refunded. If 24 hours or Less the full total cost of the order is non refundable.
* Cancellation fees cover admin costs, stock & blocking of that time for the period your booking was booked and was unavailable that whole time.

To book or reserve your booking you must pay either:
The Full Amount OR
The $95.00 or $150 Deposit
Full payment or a deposit must be received by Singing Telegrams at time of booking or within 24 hours of confirming/submitting an online booking, unless other arrangements are organized by our accounts department or Sales Representative.

Payment Types
Payment is made by using one of the following:

Payment Methods
This can be done by the following ways:

Bank Chq OR Money Order
Full Payment A Bank Cheque or Money Order for the full amount made payable to: Singing Telegrams & posted to our mail box to be received by our office at least 5 working days before the delivery day.
The Deposit
AS ABOVE but for $95/$150 Deposit required, with the Remaining Balance paid as C.O.D. (See terms under Cash On Delivery) when the character arrives at the venue. OR with one of the full paying methods for the remaining amounts owing.
By using your PayPal Account or your preferred Credit card through the PayPal site to pay the $95/$150 deposit or to fully pay for your telegram booking.
The Deposit
If using your Credit card for anything other than to fully pay for the telegrams AS ABOVE but for only $95/$150, with the Remaining Balance paid as C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) when the character arrives at the venue. OR with one of the Full Payment methods for the amount owing.

Cash On Delivery of the remaining balance can be paid when the character arrives.
You must make prior arrangements with the office to utilise this service or if it is a late booking.

Business Chqs
Paying by a company cheque is O.K. provided that it is received by our office a minimum of 10 working days before the delivery date or prior arrangements made with our accounts department.
* If you are unable to utilise one of the payment methods listed, call us at Singing Telegrams & speak to Bernadette to arrange an alternative option.

IMPORTANT: When sending your payment/details please include the order form or a note with your delivery/details so we can identify your order.

Standard Delivery Arrival Times
ALL prices quoted over the phone, email & on the website are for standard delivery times.
Standard Deliveries operate within an ARRIVAL span of two hours, meaning that the performer will arrive at anytime between the two hour span booked.
Time Arrival Span example:-
A delivery time arrival span of 8 to 10 pm. means, the performer can arrive anywhere between this time. ie 8.12, 8.33, 9.27, 9.59 etc....

Non-Standard Delivery Times
For telegrams that require a more specified arrival time frame, the following charges apply

2 hour arrival span = No extra charge from package selected
1 hour arrival span = $22 extra
1/2 hour arrival span = $33 extra
Exact arrival time = $55 extra.

Unusual Delivery Times
If you request/require a telegram to be delivered after 11.00pm or before 8.30am an extra fee of $50 is charged.

Delivery Areas
Singing Telegrams delivers to all areas in the Melbourne CBD and Metropolitan Suburbs as well as all the way through down to the Mornington Peninsular.
Sydney Metro, Greater West, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong and other regional centres within NSW. Prices quoted are usually based from a geographic centre of the Homebush Olympic Village to a circumference of 20kms out from this point. For charges outside these areas call our central bookings number on0415 836 877 or 02 9736 3400.

Travel - Distance/Toll
Travel charges / toll fees may apply from $ 5.00
CBD - $ 15.00 (re: parking station fees) for Sydney

Sunday Deliveries & Valentines Day
An additional charge of 10% applies to normal total

Public Holidays
An additional charge of 30% is applicable.

Peak Season
October 21 2002 to Jan 2 2003 incur an additional fee between 10 - 20 percent.

Christmas Day & New Years Eve
200% is applicable

We reserve the right to substitute products without prior notice as may be required from time to time. In these instances it shall always be for the same or greater value of the good/s replaced.

Interstate Bookings
Should be booked with as much notice as is possible prior to the delivery date. Ideally 1 week before.
If for a Saturday night ideally 1 month before especially if it is during the spring and summer months.

International Bookings
Should be booked with as much notice as is possible prior to the delivery date. Ideally 2 weeks before or contact us by email and phone. (See also Interstate Bookings)